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Power of Self-Expression


My Ministry isn’t about self-improvement. It is about self-expression.  Ernest Holmes said “Be for something and against nothing.”  Our society spends a lot of time focused on what needs to be ‘fixed’ or ‘improved’, pointing out what is ‘wrong’.  When you view humankind in its Divine nature, as an extension and expression of its Creator, we find that inherently we are whole.  You are whole, there is nothing broken, no one needs to be fixed.  As spiritual beings in every moment, each one of us is forever evolving, forever unfolding.  Our spiritual evolution is God expressing through us, in us and as us.

Another term for God expressing through you is ‘self-expression.’  It is the God in you that triggers the desire to self-express, the desire to show your uniqueness.  We are creations with the natural drive and desire to create; it completes us.  This is how the Universe stays in balance, evolves, expands and raises in consciousness.  We seek inspiration, and then express how we are inspired, uniquely. Look to the world around you.   You are surrounded by creations creating. This channel for self-expression makes the good in your life a reality.  It provides a foundation of fulfillment because when you are expressing from your authentic self you are standing in your God-given power. Thriving in full self-expression is the purpose of our existence, for it sparks our evolution and develops our eternal soul.

Everyone has a direct connection to God; an intermediary is not a requirement.  I work as a guide.  I help people to flush out and discern the information they are receiving. However, only they will know what is true for them.  This work is about empowerment.  As a minster and mentor, I am a tutor for spiritual education. I collaborate with clients on opening to their good and expressing their personal truth.  There is not just one way to do this, as everyone is unique. What and how you express will evolve and change as you evolve and change, and as your relationship to the Universe evolves and changes. Conscious union with God, the Universe, Creator, Spirit, Source, our Highest-Self – whatever you wish to call it – is the key to living a full and purposeful life.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom” which lies within all, not just within some. It is within everyone, for we are One.  This thriving knows no religion, race, sexual orientation, education level, political party, etc. Clients and I consciously focus on co-creating with the Divine in them for their highest expression. Together we develop tools and action steps for them to build a solid personal foundation on which to operate.

At times personal growth may be uncomfortable. It just is. This discomfort can be laborious and challenging; however the more you lean in to the spaces which intimidate you, the easier action will become.  Labor leads to liberation and liberation leads to freedom.  As a result of this work, clients show up differently in every area of life.  This spark creates an atmosphere, a contagion that sparks self-expression in others. Think about it, who inspires you? When we seek to create and express ourselves, living from this inspiration sets off a chain reaction, just like the reaction that was triggered in you. We trigger God sparks in one another, and that is so cool. When we act on that trigger in creative expression we are in alignment with the Universe, with God.

Remember, no one can live life for us! Being inspired is wonderful, but it is wonderful as a means to call you to inspire through self-expression.  That is what keeps the chain going.  As we open to who we are inherently, and fall in love with our nature, our path becomes exciting and gives birth to clarity as we open to our divine connection. Self-expression is so simple yet so incredibly powerful.

Resonance will place you with the right support team for your personal self-expression. If this resonates for you, contact me. Have a consultation and see if session work is where you wish to invest in your spiritual education.


Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Feel free to contact Holly: website:


Healing is a Personal Process


As a healer/ minister I have been blessed to witness many different healing techniques, from many different cultures.  All have validity and purpose and just like paths to God, there are as many ways to heal as there are people in the world.  Anything spiritual is personal, therefore true healing is about personal resonance and personal belief.  What holds power for you?  What can you put your faith in?

In 2008 my father was diagnosed with cancer and it was somewhat advanced.  At the time I had already been exposed to many forms of holistic healing work as I had completed an apprenticeship, been ordained as a minister and was now offering healing services myself.  When my father’s diagnosis came in, I never felt the need to tell or even suggest to him what to do, think or believe.  As I aligned myself with Spirit, it was very clear to me that this was between him and God.  I knew my role was to support him by supporting whatever he had faith in.  My mother is a registered nurse, she and my father have faith in Western Medicine.  It is all God.  My father weighed his options, discovered what felt good to him and quickly had a surgical procedure.  We are nearing 7 years now and my father is still cancer free, and as sassy as ever.  Surgery was the best choice for him; it is where his faith and belief lay.

Just like in religion and politics, I see people allowing their differences in beliefs and opinions to divide them every day and in the most fragile of situations.  Remember, it is all God.  As Gandhi said, “God has no religion.”  God also has no political party preference and God does not favor western medicine over eastern medicine.  It is all God.  Our part is taking the responsibility to seek the Kingdom within, to align with our Highest Self and recognize what we have faith in.  What resonates for our personal healing?  An important part of healing in any situation be it health, relationship or career, is standing in your personal power.  Sometimes you will opt for the surgery or medication and sometimes you won’t, but no one can make that choice for you.  That is between you and your Creator.  Your job is to gather the information and go within for direction.


Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Feel free to contact Holly: website: