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Money and Beliefs


I have been a minister and holistic practitioner since 2005. Along with my ministerial practice, I have been in and out of the financial industry since 1993. This background makes for a unique combination.  In my ministry I support and guide clients in full self- expression, helping them to live a thriving life bringing their joys and talents to the world.  A major part of personal thriving is how people view money and finance. From years of working in the banking industry I have learned that, like those of any other subject, people freely advertise their beliefs around money.  It is no wonder they find finances such a challenge. As I listen to people share their perspectives, I hear certain themes repeated every day. Do any of these sound familiar? “Easy come easy go.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “It all spends the same…quickly.”

As we focus on raising consciousness as a means to build a better world for ourselves and future generations, there is a call to action for everyone to become more mindful of our thoughts as well as our words. Sometimes people respond to these phrases with empathy, as a means to comfort someone who is feeling distraught about their financial lot in life. “It is rough out there. We are all just a paycheck away.” This is not true, and when I have had moments of being “just a paycheck away,” as they say, I have reminded myself that not everyone is “ just a paycheck away.” I don’t have to accept that position in my life. When we advertise these beliefs, we are telling the Universe, “This is what I will accept.” The Universe, being impersonal, just says “Okay,” and that ends up being what you get.

Now is the time to be mindful of our words, and consciously create a different story. If you want all your money to “spend quickly” keep saying it – because it will be more than happy to oblige. If you keep affirming that money is hard to come by and that your finances are a stress, they will be, for the Universe merely acts upon our words. However if you would like a different experience when it comes to money and finance, I challenge you to first catch yourself in the limiting thoughts and then ask yourself what would you like to experience instead? For me, I love it when money comes easily and is always more than enough to have fun and cover any outgoing expenses. I like to remind myself that there is plenty of money to go around.  This shift in perspective will help to create a shift in consciousness, which will help to create a shift in the world.

Take your life back, one thought at a time.


Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Feel free to contact Holly: website: