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Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and the host of Open Conversations on Alternative Talk 1150 AM.  Holly has mentored clients and offered classes since she was ordained in 2005 through the Church of Divine Intervention, studying under the great Master Teacher Starr Fuentes.  Most recently Holly graduated from the Center for Spiritual Living’s Practitioner program receiving her license as a Religious Science certified Practitioner (RScP).  Through private phone and web sessions, she mentors clients to live from their authentic selves (see Ministry).  Holly also speaks, writes and facilitates workshops and classes on spiritual evolution and full self-expression.

Holly credits her first exposure to spirituality to her study of martial arts at age 15.  Holly competed heavily in Judo as a teen and into her twenties, receiving her black belt at 19, and teaching at the college level by age 22. Her passion for Judo and its spiritual discipline led her to seek holistic healing alternatives. In 2003 Holly accepted an apprenticeship with a Native Healer in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2005, she was ordained as a holistic minister through a hands-on-healing program known as Divine Intervention.

Always a spiritual seeker, Holly’s spiritual education includes both religious and metaphysical studies. Along with her in-depth spiritual research, she also has over 15 years experience with financial institutions as a representative, loan officer and manager. With a background in finance, coaching and development as well as spiritual study, she has designed classes and workshops that explore our beliefs and behavior around money and the core beliefs we live by.

Holly empowers people by helping them to discern their own path and purpose.  We are creations with the natural drive and desire to create and Holly helps people to recognize those nudges and those joys that pull them toward the next step on their path.  She helps them to discover how creativity completes us and compels us to live life with purpose.  This is how the Universe stays in balance, evolves, expands, and raises in consciousness and each person is part of that.  We seek inspiration, and then express our authentic, unique inspiration as part of the whole.


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