“God never asks a question. It is not necessary for God to ask questions because God already knows all the answers. The word for this is “omniscience.” It means that God is the source of all knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. Since I am one with God, then I have access to all knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. I know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. I have all the answers. There is Something within me that knows. I trust it totally. It is never wrong; it is always right.

I am filled with confidence because I know, and I know that I know. I never have to worry about the outcome because I am always divinely guided into perfect right decision and perfect right action. I never worry about the “means” because the “end” is already secure. My purpose in life is to express God. God’s purpose in life is to live fully, joyously, creatively and lovingly. I fulfill God’s purpose when I live that way, for I am a vehicle of God’s life. I am the means by which God lives. Accordingly I am endowed with everything necessary to live God’s life: all knowledge, all wisdom, all intelligence.

Knowing this, I now approach each day with excitement and great expectations. Each day is a new opportunity for me to express God, and I have within me an inexhaustible reservoir of resources to do a magnificent job living God’s Life.

I draw upon my inner reservoir of knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence to answer every question and to meet every challenge that presents itself to me today. I have an inexhaustible supply of answers, and they are all right answers. I approach this day in total confidence.”

By Rev William Curtiss – Science of Mind Magazine, December 1992 “Daily Guides to Richer Living”

The power of focusing on the truth of our existence is great. We “pray without ceasing” whether we are aware we are praying or not. Every thought is sending an energetic projection, a blueprint to the Universe about our true beliefs and understanding. Life is a culmination of what each person believes to be possible.

Dive into your beliefs, discover what you believe to be possible. Remember who and what you are and allow this knowing to pull you forward.

Holly Holmquist

Day Minister – Spiritual Mentor

Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and host of the radio show Open Conversations on KKNW Alternative Talk 1150 AM. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Listen to past Open Conversations shows, see blogs and read about Holly’s ministry at


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