Forgiveness to “Give Forth”


Forgiveness to ‘Give Forth’

“God can only be Peace and Harmony. Let go all the tenseness in your body, forget all the mean feelings you may have, and let the body, emotions, and mind rest in a deep awareness of that Peace which is God.” Ernest Holmes – The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind P 39

I love Emma Curtis Hopkins’ breakdown of the word forgiveness, ‘for-give-ness’ or to ‘give forth.’ As a means to realign myself with the Harmony that God is, I ‘give forth’ any negative thoughts or false beliefs that I have about myself or others.  I ‘give forth’ any negative thoughts or false beliefs that ever suggested I, or anyone, could be separate from our Source and Creator.

Giving forth our negative thoughts and false belief is a means of clearing a path way for Spirit to operate in our lives. Anger, resentment and hurt, while important to honor, must at some point give way to forgiveness in order to continue our healing process and spiritual growth. This pathway is the richness of life. As we clear ourselves of the false idea that God is something other than who we are, other than our neighbor, we make way for the Truth of our Oneness. When we recognize this Truth we fill those newly cleared spaces with Spirit, expanding our consciousness for a joyfully rich and thriving life. Rev Dr Kathianne Lewis once said in reference to forgiveness that it is, “Total Surrender! You give-forth yourself so God can give all of Itself as you.”

Today forgive, allow yourself to be freed from false thoughts about yourself and others. Allow yourself to be freed from a focus on condition. Everything is possible in God.

Holly Holmquist

Day Minister – Spiritual Mentor

Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and host of the radio show Open Conversations on KKNW Alternative Talk 1150 AM. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Listen to past Open Conversations shows, see blogs and read about Holly’s ministry at

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