Memorial Day 2018; Healing Judgments

Memorial Day: Honoring those who served and died, those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and its citizens.

Honoring those who have died in service to our country does not mean someone is pro war or pro brutality. The issue is not that black and white. We must all ask our own questions, seek our own answers from within. We will not all share the same beliefs or experiences, yet I believe many of us want the same peace filled ends. I pray that one day we, as a country and really the world, will find solutions to our problems that do not ask us to put loved ones in harm’s way, whether it be overseas or on the streets of our own nation. I recognize we have a long way to go in this area. Ernest Holmes once said, “Be for something and against nothing.” To me this means that what you give your focus and energy to, expands.  Why not give your focus to that which you wish to see perpetuated within the world? If we focus on division and creating an ”other” that is what will expand. We will create more enemies, perpetuating the need to fear and to protect ourselves. Anger can be good in that it signals a boundary has been crossed, but to act from that anger typically creates more suffering. Anger must be channeled into meaning and clear purpose of action. The leaders I admire most channeled their anger into non-violent action with a clear purpose and direction. This does not mean we allow injustice, it means we find a way to open ourselves to solutions that bring long term healing for all, including for those we feel are in the “wrong.”

Let us be FOR one another. Let us be FOR the healing and support of our veterans and their families. Let us be FOR those who have given all, so that I have the freedom to write a letter like this. Let us be FOR people following that which is important to them, recognizing we will not all share the same cause or have the same goals. Let us be FOR a better solution to our problems, one that spreads healing rather than violence. Let us be FOR uniting as a country and being willing to listen to one another no matter the issue. There are no simple answers to complex habits and issues. We must all take responsibility, it will take uniting to bring healing and positive solutions.  A focused effort to raise consciousness is needed, and in that there can be no “other,” no “us vs. them.” I believe being for Peace means we are also for healing and unity “for all.” I don’t have the answers that will solve our world’s problems, but being mindful of the healing abilities of our thoughts and actions appears to be an excellent start.

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