Undamn it. Prayers for our Country.



I first published this article in January of 2009 just after Obama was elected. This information is just as important today with the election of Trump. Regardless of what political party is in office we can all rally around our country, praying for our highest and best.

Blessings, Holly

Undamn It
By Holly Holmquist

With our nation in a sensitive transition period as the result of irresponsible lending and spending, now is the perfect time to reflect upon the personal choices we make to support positive solutions. How we as a nation traverse the rocky roads ahead, our progress and outcome, is absolutely affected by the energy we as individuals contribute to our atmosphere and communities. That energy comes from our choices, personally and as a collective whole. This includes what seeds we choose to plant through conversation and correspondence.

As a holistic worker I have been blessed to learn from many different teachers, and experience many different healing situations. One year while attending a holistic conference at the Dome in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Master Teacher Starr Fuentes was asked a question about the common phrase “Damn it.” Starr responded by saying that if a situation is not working that means it is already damned. If you want a solution why would you continue to damn it? “Undamn it.” Send it your grace and your blessings and watch as the situation begins to turn around.

Everything in the universe holds and distributes energy from the conversations we have with neighbors and friends to the letters we write and the e-mails we send. Before we push send or offer an opinion, it is our Spiritual responsibility to reflect upon the constructive manner of the message or opinion we are about to share. Does the message offer positive solutions with an eye on progress or are we simply feeding into judgment, conflict and criticism. It is easy to get caught up in outrage and fury and continue to damn a situation. Unfortunately every American has been affected in some way, shape or form by the current state of the economy. However the state of our nation is a result of the energy previously dispersed. The way to shift that tide is by altering those attitudes that are not working for the best interest of the collective whole and distributing a new and improved energy that suits our newly found purposes. These times call for us to be even more focused on positive, helpful and healthy solutions.

Everyone shows their patriotism in various ways; some never miss an opportunity to vote, some fly our nation’s flag on special holidays or year round, while others feel their patriotism calls them to various lines of service from the military to the Red Cross. A wonderful way to support our country and show your patriotism is through positive thoughts and prayers along with positive word of mouth. When times are tough we have a tendency to point fingers in blame and the current politicians, regardless of political party, become our favorite scapegoats. Regardless of which party or person holds office, our good energy will help guide them in making appropriate decisions far more than our negative projections. I recognize that there is no way to please all of the people all of the time. Even if I am not a big fan of who is in charge I am still very conscious of my intention to send positive energy to our country therefore I send positive energy to those who are currently leading it. That is one of the beautiful benefits of being an American; if we do not care for the policies of the current leader we will have the opportunity to help vote them out in the next election or on a positive note, if we like the candidate we can vote them back in. However for the time being they hold the job and therefore need our collective support to succeed.

If you were to dam a river you would be placing barriers in it’s path that prevent it’s flow. In any life situation negative energy and thoughts only contribute to blocking the positive flow. Without positive energy there will be no viable solutions. Lets unite in consciousness and open ourselves as well as our nation to positive flow. Ask yourself, “What can I do to contribute positively to our country?” Next time you are tempted to share an opinion that holds animosity ask yourself, “How can I turn this into a constructive message, one that yields hope for change and encourages healthy growth?” Each night bless those leaders that run our country in whatever way you choose or practice. Help to “undamn” the economic despair we are experiencing by sending your grace and blessings. We may not always agree on how to do things, however, we can all be united in our energetic support of a healthy and happy outcome.

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