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6-5-16 James Howard

What a great first show! Thanks to James Howard for sharing his passion and insights on music and spiritual awareness.

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James Howard Bio

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” This quote by Beethoven lives on the wall of James Howard’s Facebook page and provides a solid introduction to the man and his music. Howard views music as a spiritual language with potential to heal and inspire. His instrument of choice is the guitar, both acoustic and electric, where he has devoted 40 years of his life to refining a process of spontaneous composition, a type of improvisation that combines blues, jazz, European classical music and modern pop/rock.

Howard’s passionate and dexterous emotional delivery has netted him awards in blues guitar for Yamaha’s “Six String Theory Global Guitar Competition” in 2011 and with the “International Blues Competition” for the Washington Blues Society where James and his band represented the WA Blues Society in Memphis Tennessee January 2016 IBC’s.

Born in Oakland California, James has been based in Seattle Washington since 2001, channeling music and performing in a variety of different venues, one of which is “The Center For Spiritual Living” where he has been serving in the house band for past 15 years. “The James Howard Band” has been enjoying a monthly showcase gig at the award-winning Seattle waterfront night-club “The Highway 99 Blues Club” off and on since 2008.

In his music career James has opened concerts for Robin Trower and UFO among others. His diverse skills have included a concert at Benaroya Hall in Seattle where in 2012 he performed a Flamenco piece with a 25 piece orchestra. On the one hand he has played lead guitar with Tayla Lynn, the granddaughter of Country Music legend Loretta Lynn, and on the other hand, he held down the corner stone rhythm guitar role in Eckaman Gundo’s West African Soukous band. He is also a prolific studio musician with many recording credits to his name.

Howard’s unusual style includes singing into the guitar, a process of generating tone in the body and instantly transferring it to the strings of the guitar. He also practices “playing the changes”- a jazz guitar technique which involves consciously tracking the chord changes of the song with the left brain while creating fresh ideas through the right brain. In fact it is the combining of left brain and right brain functions that are the hallmark of spontaneous composition.

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