Leo Brodie on Open Conversations 07-03-16 (archive)

Thanks to Leo Brodie for sharing his musical adventures and spiritual outlook. If you missed the show, or would like to listen to it again, click on the Open Conversations archive link below and select the 07-03-16 show.

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Leo Brodie is a singer/songwriter of music for personal growth and inner spirituality. As a composer, he writes with honesty and directness. Leo’s music is described as pure, uplifting, and joyful. His music offers a connection to the Divine Presence within each of us, and to the loving presence of each other. As a performer, he enjoys welcoming the listeners and inviting participation.

Leo has been singing and playing regularly at Religious Science centers and Unity churches mainly in the Puget Sound area since 2013. He is a versatile performer who can either accompany himself on piano/keyboard or front for a house band as lead vocalist. He has released four albums, including his 2014 album “Looking Up.” He is currently working on a new album for late 2016.

Leo has been a member of Center for Spiritual Living Seattle since 1999, where he has performed often as guest artist and as background vocalist for visiting artists. He has volunteered as a spiritual companion in the Coming of Age program, and is studying to become a licensed Religious Science Practitioner.

His website is http://leobrodiemusic.com/.

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