Tonight on Open Conversations 8-21-16 Join the Conversation!

Tonight on Open Conversations you are the guest! That is right! It is another call in night on Open Conversations! 888.298.5569 I will be talking about creativity and fear. I would love for you, yes you, to call in and join the conversation! 888.298.5569

Open Conversations on KKNW Alternative Talk 1150 AM. Tonight (Sunday) from 7-8 pm Pacific.

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Go Fund Me Campaign for Open Conversations:

Thanks to all who have donated to Open Conversations. To contribute to the cost of broadcasting Open Conversations, which is for everyone and free to listeners, please follow this Go Fund Me link. Your contribution is much appreciated.

Sincerely, Holly Holmquist


Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and host of the radio show Open Conversations on KKNW 1150am. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Listen to past Open Conversations shows, see blogs and read about Holly’s ministry at

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