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Thrilled to welcome psycho-spiritual therapist Zana Zeigler to Open Conversations! Tune in this Sunday (7-31) from 7-8 pm on Alternative Talk Radio 1150 AM. You can also stream Open Conversations online live at Read more about Zana Zeigler’s work below.

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Zana Zeigler has worked for over thirty years inspiring individuals to become proactively involved in their journey towards physical and psycho-spiritual wellness. Zana has worked as a clinical body-worker helping folks figure out the causes of soft tissue pain syndromes and what to do about it, and also as a psycho-spiritual therapist, helping people make connections between their “inner and outer” lives. She also worked as a Practitioner, teacher, and Staff Minister with a Science of Mind Church in Nashville, TN.  Zana believes this eclectic background, and particularly her interest in the relationship between spirituality and psychology, adds much depth and experience to her practice.  Zana’s intention is to help people increase their awareness of “how” they think about their life issues and how those beliefs intersect with their spiritual or religious views.
All of these approaches put considerable stock in the individual’s ability, when supported, to take a personal inventory of strengths and weaknesses, and to confront long-held negative, self-defeating belief systems. Regardless of methods or techniques, the goal is to build a relationship grounded in trust and mutual respect, compassion, genuineness and connectedness. “I believe in our native capacity for transformation and healing; if that is a difficult belief for someone to hold at the moment_ that is alright. I will hold it for that person to the best of my ability, and look forward to a time when we can witness and share that belief as it is demonstrated in her or his life.”

Zana Zeigler graduated with a Masters in Human Development and Counseling (Vanderbilt University, 2014), a Masters in Divinity (Vanderbilt, 2006) and hold a certificate in the Carpenter Program in Religion, Gender and Sexuality, as well as a Masters in Fine Art (University of Georgia, 1985). Since the fall of 2014, after moving from Nashville Tennessee to Eugene Oregon, Zana has been working as a clinical mental health therapist at a community mental health agency as well as maintaining her psycho-spiritual therapy practice.

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