Please contact Holly for prices on practitioner sessions.  The following information is for Spiritual Mentoring work.

How sessions are structured:

All sessions are via phone or web.

30 min consultation (Free)

The 30 min consultation is about the nut and bolts of how sessions work.  We talk about what you want to accomplish with the work and what I can provide.  At this time my clients and I are usually able to get a feel for whether or not partnering in session work will be a fit.  I rely on my intuition for what clients I feel will benefit from the process.  I, in turn, trust potential clients to rely on their intuition as to whether they feel called to the work and specifically to do the work with me as their mentor.

Session (current rate $125 a session).

Session Commitment is encouraged as it gleans the most benefit for the client.

3 Session Commitment (current rate $115 a session).

5 Session Commitment (current rate $105 a session).

10 Session Commitment (current rate $95 a session).

Why a Session Commitment?

As a Spiritual Mentor I hold a loving space for my clients but it is not a warm and fuzzy, hand-holding kind of love. I act as a poultice so that which needs to be seen and addressed will surface. I am compassionate while remaining direct. My job is to empower my clients to be BIGGER, therefore there is no room to pacify or appease. My path is very clear and I have made a commitment to Spirit to guide my clients to their inherent brilliance. While that might sound like b.s., in a magical fairy dust, rainbows and unicorns kind of way, it can be terrifying to see your own light! People rarely have any clue of their true significance and when discovered and encouraged it can be uncomfortable.

We work together to draw out the beliefs that are getting in the way of you being you! This work can be painful because questioning these beliefs is difficult but we’re going to do that because they are what prevent you from pursuing your path and purpose. In moments it may be tempting to quit when discomfort arises, however, by sticking with this work you will meet these fears and painful lies face-to-face and find that in altering these thoughts about yourself you will change your life. Doing this work is extremely rewarding, joy-filled and inspiring.  On the other side of this bridge you will experience an upleveling of your consciousness.  This upleveling is then experienced by the world.

Session commitments keep clients focused on doing the work and moving forward.  Everyone is in a different place in their spiritual evolution but three to five sessions are often enough to build a foundation on which to operate. Sometimes five sessions creates an appropriate foundation and at other times the client wants the work to go a bit deeper or the support structure to last longer.

This work is about steady growth and does not focus on situational crisis, which is often the reason why people randomly book sessions with therapists and mentors. The goal is thriving as opposed to just surviving and that requires consistency and showing up for ourselves in new ways. People are led to this practice when they know there is something more, and they are ready to step up to the plate to live it.










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