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“Holly Holmquist and her personal, love-immersing, empowering, life-affirming work, is now allowing me to step into the very center of my being …”treating” myself as well as my business ..to an Infinite Supply of all things good, including money as I learn “The Way” … How it works. and how to use it.  Awesome!”  -A.J. Bothell, WA
“I just need to take some time and tell you how incredibly profound our conversation was for me. You should know that you really made a big difference with me in what has been an exceptionally difficult process.  I have found a wealth of insight, healing and clarity from our discussion. You seem to be able to see things from an angle that brings them into laser focus.  Our discussion really helped move me forward in this process of healing.”  C.R. – San Francisco, CA


“I spoke with Holly over a few sessions, not really sure what we would talk about or how the conversation would flow. Holly however helped me to feel at ease and open to some very thoughtful questions. I really appreciated the way she would ask a question to start the conversation and then really listened to what I was saying to help us dive deeper. Through our conversations I began thinking purposefully about specific parts of my spiritual being and relationship with God that I had not spent much time on before.  Holly really helped me to open my thoughts, to be more purposeful, and be more aware of things I didn’t know I didn’t know. Our discussions were indepth, going deeper as we progressed, and personal (personalized).  I am so thankful for the sessions we had together and how she helped inspire in me an awareness of a conscious union with God.” R.D. Spokane, WA


“Sometimes in life you meet people who simply embody wisdom and joy. Holly is one of those people. She is authentic, upbeat and totally candid. Speaking with her you feel her positive energy take over you and it’s hard not to get onboard with what she has to say. Facing some serious challenges in my life, Holly was not only a great listener and empathetic, but she was able to redirect what I was saying to help me realize I have the solutions right in front of me. Her general attitude and foundation in Science of Mind makes her an ideal coach — as she help build me up from my core out. I can’t thank Holly enough for connecting with me in such an authentic way, for helping me put the situations in my life into perspective so I can focus on the future not the past. Holly – you are amazing, thank you!”  A.W. Seattle, WA


“Your voice, words, wisdom and love lifted me up, soothed my spirit. I continue to carry your loving words with me.” K.S. Nashville, TN


“Holly is real.  When she talks with you and listens to you, you know it is important and that you are important.  Getting to the root is where her magic happens, she allows the spirit energy to move her as needed to drive things in the right direction.  Holly is very in tune and can help pull one’s inner beauty from subconscious to conscious to give a whole new reality.  She is kind, fun, strong, respectful, and exudes the spiritual “it”.  She just gets it!  Holly is quite a find, if you are working with her, some truly wonderful things will come out of it.  Thank you Holly, for being you and being awesome!”  K.P.  Seattle, WA


I first experienced Holly’s leadership style in a group she was co-facilitating that modeled both her enthusiasm and inclusiveness. Holly’s engagement enlivened the group, creating direction and purpose. During our one-on-one sessions, Holly was masterful in allowing the flow of our conversation to emerge, which led me to revelations and new insights.  Her attentive and present approach helped me feel heard and supported.  Thank you Holly! C.J. Issaquah WA.

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