Co-Creation at Its Best


Co-Creation at Its Best

In continuing with the creative thread touched on in my last blog,  today I would like to look at the importance of co-creation.  Many clients, in their pursuit of living from their spiritual foundation, feel that surrender, or marrying their will to God’s, means surrendering all of their decision making power as well as surrendering all their desires, as though God has prescripted  each of our lives and is off stage delivering dialog to us line by line.  I wish to challenge this and plant the seed that co-creation with the Divine is what propels our creativity forward.  It wouldn’t be creative if we didn’t lift the brush to canvas and see what comes through us to paint.  In the co-creative process when we are inspired to paint, say a garden, then we give the divine a channel in which to come through, like tuning a radio.  If we become overly focused on ignoring what inspires us and waiting for Spirit to just plop a purpose in our lap, suppressing what bring us joy, we are missing an important step.   That is, Spirit creates through us by inspiring us.  What inspires us is the direction that we seek.   The point is it’s in the doing,  the acting upon  inspiration that we allow the creative force to be channeled through us, that we tune to its frequency.  Contrary to a procrastinator’s belief, you won’t get more information on how to proceed until you engage, until you act upon the initial inspiration or spark.  This is co-creation, “Spirit this makes me feel good, it makes me feel free.  I wish to have more of that feeling.”  So pursue that feeling and be open to Spirit leading you to an even better feeling in your pursuit.  Once you set that partnership in motion the possibilities are limitless.  Actually the possibilities were always limitless.  Once you actively engage with the Divinity within you, somehow an energy is activated that reveals the mass potentiality as possible.   In this process we begin to believe before we can see which gives the Divine a clear channel, frequency, to create our heart desire through us.

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