Sometimes in life we come up against blocks, sticking points if you will. These are the moments when I long for understanding, as I begin to doubt myself and question everything. “Is this what I am supposed to be doing?” “Am I on the right track?” “Have I missed something?” (We all have our own list of questions.)

Recently in prayer when I was asking for clarity and understanding, what came to me was, “Fuck understanding, just emerge!” In other words, get out of your head and participate, express! There is a time to understand and it comes with reflection. You must act in order to reflect. You must create in order to improve upon your creation. You can’t always know what will be next or how to do it.

This is not to say that everything needs to be a blind jump; but if you wait for all the details to be clear you will wait forever. Details become clear as you move forward intuitively. Intuition is what directs your action and leads you to a point of reflection.

I recently told a friend I wanted to clearly see the yellow brick road before I began to travel upon it. He replied, “That is not faith.” Faith is knowing the road will be laid beneath each step I make, brick by brick. Intuition is God’s way of communicating the direction in which I walk; hence co-creation.

Consider this; if we are all here to create and self-express, to emerge, maybe the sticking points are not about being on the “wrong” track at all… maybe we are just being asked to kick it up a notch. Rather than retreating, giving up or switching tracks, life may be asking us to take our self-expression to the next level. When something is our heart’s desire, we are always being asked to up-level, to evolve.

If something brings you joy, refuse to be daunted.  Who wants the consolation prize for happiness?



Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Feel free to contact Holly: holmquistholly@gmail.com website: holmquistholly.com

2 thoughts on “Emerge

  1. Loved you the above blog. Yes, I am beginning to realize I really have parts of myself that are waiting for “more clarity” about the way I need to proceed – but this can keep me stuck. It helps to just move forward and encounter what I emerges and then mediate, pray and deal with ever. It allows for being in the flow of a process rather than waiting for something to emerge that is “just right.” This seems a bit more messier, but I am more engaged, alive and have a sense of moving forward.
    Thanks for your insights and useful challenging of old ways of thinking

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Peter! It is a dance for sure. Sometimes we need to understand before we start and sometimes we just need to start. Blessings! Holly

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