Holly’s New Radio Show! Open Conversations

I’m excited to announce that I have signed a contract with KKNW 1150 for my own radio show called Open Conversations, to air Sunday nights from 7 to 8 pm Pacific time. This show is a magnificent opportunity to apply my ministry of encouraging people to recognize and operate from their spirituality in everyday life, particularly in the pursuit of living life with purpose. Regardless of religious affiliation or absence thereof, we are all connected spiritual beings navigating our way through a spiritual world. Open Conversations will feature wide-ranging discussions with various guests from different faiths and walks of life, centered on living life with purpose and spiritual awareness.

Even though the radio show is free to listeners, air time is expensive. KKNW has given me an excellent deal offering me air time, studio use, and producer fees at half the cost of other radio spots. I would like to raise enough to fund my first year in radio. This will provide time to hone the show’s format, attract sponsors and strengthen my personal practice as a day minister. I have signed a no-frills contract that will include archiving the shows for future listening, as many of my listeners live outside of KKNW broadcast area. The minimum cost for a year on the air is $7000.

I am very grateful knowing that this program will touch the lives of many people, helping them see the divinity and unlimited possibility of their own being.  If you feel called to help contribute to the cost of my radio program which is free to listeners, your help would be most appreciated. If you know others who would like to support this type of work, please share.

There is no big or small in God. It all helps.

Holly Holmquist, Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor

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