It Takes Two to Tango (Partnering for Self-Expression)


A couple weeks ago I watched The James Howard Band play at a local club. Toward the end of the night, a couple arrived and began to dance an incredible tango. I was mesmerized by their synchronicity; every move appeared to be seamless, effortless and completely in unison. The woman was incredibly elegant, leaning into her partner and allowing him to guide her every step. She looked radiant as her partner placed the beauty of her motion out on display like a fine painting in a gallery.

I was sitting with a friend who happened to have a dancing background.  At one point I remarked on how amazed I was that she knew every step her partner wanted her to take. My companion replied, “That is when you know someone is a good lead. The communication is clear yet subtle to the point of being unnoticeable to the untrained eye.” I could feel the synchronicity between them as though they shared the same pulse. It was incredibly delicate and extremely powerful. I sat in awe of their grace and beauty, as it was extraordinary to watch. The dancers’ caliber was so high, and their dancing so refined, they moved as one being, out on the floor.

Later, while sitting in prayer, I became aware that this incredible tango is very much like my partnership with God.  I have chosen to dance and I have partnered with the best lead in town.  This dance is incredible and amazing, yes; but at times I feel completely fragile and raw as I break old habits and struggle to learn new steps. My fear, vulnerability, faith, trust and tenacity have all stepped out on the floor willing to be exposed, willing to be broken down and recreated again and again in the process of divine self-expression. Some days are definitely more elegant than others; however, with each day my dance of purpose becomes more powerful. I find as I dedicate myself to practice, the subtle communication becomes clear and the steps more graceful and effortless.

This is a partnership, a co-creation, for I have chosen the dance and the music. I asked my lead to step out onto the floor with me, as my partner, guide and teacher. God cannot do this dance alone; I matter. If I refuse to get on the floor, nothing will happen. I will have no one to lean into and God will have no radiant beauty to display. I have no doubt I have stepped on God’s toes more than once, as certain moves challenge me to coordinate my mind with my heart. At times I struggle to let go of how I look, and who I think I should be. Then I experience a new freedom as I open myself to learning the steps and experiencing the nuances of our divine pairing. I am committed to practicing and refining that which I have learned, for further evolution and expansion takes place as I dedicate myself to continually unfolding.

Whether you want to dance the cha-cha, rumba, salsa or tango, what matters is that you dance! The Universe awaits your two-step as a means to bring joyous light and life to the world.


Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Feel free to contact Holly: website:


8 thoughts on “It Takes Two to Tango (Partnering for Self-Expression)

    1. I like the dance analogy. Being a dancer I have a few more hits. A good lead will give an expert follow room to improvise. A good follow knows when to come back in. Beginning dancers need to follow the rules. Or get lost. The better the dancer the more one can create outside of the basic steps. A new dancer follow needs a very strong lead to know where to move. An expert follow will know what is next almost as soon as the lead thinks it by noticing subtle ques. I could keep going…..

  1. Beautiful metaphor and yes! You have a powerful way with capturing emotion, feeling, and life in your words 🙂 Your tenacity is awesome.

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