Reciprocation is defined as mutual giving and receiving. In any relationship, reciprocity plays a major role, either contributing to its success, or in the case of a lack of reciprocity, leading to the relationship’s dysfunction and demise. The universe operates best in divine flow and harmony, where give and take are equals.

Many people look for ‘free’ in a ‘give me’ state of mind, which is fine when they balance being the receiver with being the giver. On the other hand, many people who give all the time, without receiving, run the risk being out of harmony. You can receive in one area of life and give in another; but we should be careful not to abuse or deplete important relationships trying to serve others or self interests. The universe is not a tit for tat system.

You can never outgive God. You will always receive more than you give. That is the power of living in an expressive and inspiring universe: we get more out than we will ever put in. A mind focused only on receiving, or only on giving, is out of divine flow and will be challenged to fully prosper. Co-creating in divine flow requires a melodic interplay of letting go and taking in all at the same time.  When you truly surrender your cup will be full, your heart enriched, and you will have contributed to the enrichment in others.

If we wish to receive more, we must question where we are giving. If we wish to give more, we must ask where we are allowing the universe to provide. Are we taking with no intention of reciprocating? Are we giving with no awareness or allowance of the universe filling our cup through others? Let’s look at the relationships in our lives and ask if they are reciprocal. How could we benefit and accelerate the divine flow of these beautiful relationships by either giving or receiving more?


Holly Holmquist is a Day Minister, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker. Holly offers private mentoring sessions, classes and workshops. Feel free to contact Holly: website:


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